Psalm 126:5 & 6 in the NIV tells us--

"...5 Those who sow with tears
    will reap with songs of joy.
6 Those who go out weeping,
    carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
    carrying sheaves with them."


But when tragedies and hard times strike and just right when things were coasting along and going good--then the ground collapses around you. You get caught in the middle of an economic downturn...or loved ones and friends you once knew suddenly aren't there any more for one reason or another. The temptation for the believer could certainly be to get in the mollygrubs, cry your eyes out, and have a pity party over it for the rest of your life. IS THAT what our God is willing to allow you to do...OR would He rather for you to instead do something constructive with your time even in the midst of what seems to be everlasting tears?


Coy Holley now offers you his latest book to address this dilemma. "SOWING IN TEARS" is a special collection and journalistic/poetic retrospective of some of Coy's past poems and also past selected essays, interviews, and articles on various topics which primarily focuses on what the believer might wisely do when everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink gets thrown at you at the absolute worst times.


Conference speaker Joyce Meyer puts a unique spin on Psalm 126 by saying that one of the best things someone can do when faced with a troubling situation is" get out of yourself and do something for someone else." Through the writings presented within SOWING IN TEARS, Coy gives practical examples and symbolic images that will drive this point home...that when trouble comes knocking at your door (and trust me--IT WILL if you're still alive and breathing), one of the WORST things you can do is to bawl and squawl and act like the world is about to cave in on you and swallow you up for breakfast. INSTEAD, it's much better to light a candle that will eventually light up a room than to curse the darkness. And not only will you be helping yourself, but you'll also be a blessing to others in the process.


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